100 Days of Code – Day 4

Today I successfully created a pandas DataFrame in rtlamrvis.py containing the rtlamr data, and created line plots for individual meter IDs. Scatter plots aren’t working, but a line still shows what’s going on. Below are a few sample plots, including two of data I previously hypothesized is from a power meter on a building with solar panels.

Partial day’s data from what I believe is a power meter on a building with solar panels
Another power meter with solar panels; the peaks happen at around 10:00 AM each day
This is probably a gas meter, judging by the on-off cycles

I’m really pleased that I finally had some success plotting the rtlamr data. It took a long time to find a pandas plotting example that I could understand. Most of the examples I found were either obviously not written for a beginner in mind, or assumed the reader would be using Jupyter notebooks. My code was executing without errors but I still wasn’t seeing any plots…until I found that magic incantation:


Next steps:

  • Figure out how to plot multiple data sets on the same axes
  • Calculate and plot the rate of consumption instead of the consumption counter value
  • Get scatter plots working

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